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Marsena Bryant, MC, LPC

ACC-Arizona Counseling, PLLC
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Phoenix, Arizona 85028

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Welcome.   My work is with couples and individuals who come to counseling facing many different challenges. Their goals, however, are often similar. They want to improve their lives and their relationships.  My intention is to provide clients with a trusting supportive environment, and to help facilitate their understanding, learning, healing, and change. This is a labor of love for me--empowering clients to discover their own answers, gain insights and new perspectives, and achieve goals using their innate strengths and resilience. I’m honored to be part of this process and would love to assist you on your journey.  



Marriage  •  Pre-marital  •  Committed couples  •  Dating  
Communication  •  Intimacy  • Trust  •  Finances  • Affaires 
Step-family • Inlaws / friends • Facing divorce • Co-parents


Trauma  •  Anxiety  •  Panic  •  Anger  •  Phobias
Pessimism/negative thinking  •  Self-esteem 
Relationships  •  Dating Break-ups  •  Divorce
Compulsive behaviors  •  Childhood abuse  •  EMDR


Trauma  •  PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Panic  •  Childhood abuse  •  Social Anxiety / shyness
Phobias  •  Compulsive behaviors  •  Pessimism / negativity 

Imago Relationship Therapy

Communication skills training  •  Couples Intentional Dialogue
Healing individual past within relationship  •  Conscious relationship 
Pre-marital counseling  •  Relationship success formula